Part-time courses

Part-time courses (levels 4 to 7)

Courses open to all foreign students (or foreign language assistants) registered at the University of Poitiers : for students who wish to improve their proficiency in specific fields such as writing, grammar, literature, civilization, etc. They can choose 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours (1, 2, 3 or 4 courses) every week among the different subjects proposed at levels from 4 to 7 (see Costs below).

  • Students whose level of French is inferior to level 3 (CECR : B1: part 1) are required to take a full-time course.
  • We open five evening classes during  the first semester, two during  the second.
  • Please, note that conversation classes are not open to part-time students for pedagogical reasons.
  • Costs (courses open to all foreign students registered at the University of Poitiers or foreign language assistants)

    • 2h/week/term : 216 Euros
    • 4h/week/term : 380 Euros
    • 6h/week/term : 470 Euros


  • At the end of each term, according to their needs,students can receive a certificate provided they have regularly attended classes.

ECTS Credits

  • 2 hours/week gives 3 ECTS credits providing regular attendance and average of 10/20.

Erasmus + classes

Erasmus+ students with an intermediate level in French (B1 and B2 uncertified) will take a course funded by the Erasmus + program. Courses in limited number. Students must certify their French level obtained during the OLS test.


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