The Faculté de Lettres et Langues

  • The association Méli-mélo

In French, “Méli-mélo” means “jumble” or “muddle”. Méli-mélo is a group of students who organize various activities and excursions to help foreign students to meet French students. The activities never exceed 15 € and some of them are free.
For more information, visit their site.

  • The cultural association

It organizes exhibitions and evenings on various themes : theatre, music, reading. Artistic students from the CFLE are welcome to exhibit their work or to give concerts.

The University of Poitiers

  • Music :
    • The orchestra of the University gathers university staff members and students with a good level of instrumental practice.

Tel : 33(0) 549 453 145

  • Sport : It is easy to practice all sorts of sports at very moderate prices. For more information, see the SUAPS website.
  • Other activities :

See the site dedicated to students’life in Poitiers.

Poitiers and the Poitou-Charentes


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