By the "Habitants d'ici, étudiants d'ailleurs" program

If you are an international student and will be spending Christmas or the end of year 2021 alone in Poitiers, “Habitants d’ici – étudiants d’ailleurs” program  wishes to help you!

Habitants d’ici – étudiants d’ailleurs” (former Poit’étrangers)  is a program organized by the City of Poitiers that aims to introduce international students to families from Poitiers in order for them to spend time together and learn about each others’ cultures.

“Habitants d’ici – étudiants d’ailleurs” wishes to put international students in contact with a family from Poitiers to share Christmas or new year’s dinner.

If you wish to be invited for Christmas meal (24th and/or 25th) or for New Year  Eve’s dinner (or any other day during Christmas break) in a French family, please complete the form you received by e-mail before December 12.

Happy Christmas and New Year to you!