ASPEC Project

The social and pedagogical support project for students in times of crisis (ASPEC) implemented by Erasmus Expertise is starting this academic year. Its objective is to offer support to undergraduate students in vulnerable situations in a dual educational and social aspect. Supported by the Fondation de France with the contribution of Crédit Mutuel du Sud Ouest (CMSO), ASPECresponds to the current context of crises affecting students in multiple ways.

The ASPEC project pursues this goal by being based on two axes:

  • Training of tutors
  • Support for students on a unique path adapted to their needs. Thus each supported student builds their course by relying on cultural, social, educational and advanced “markers”, in an inclusive perspective towards the identification of their professional project.

Launched on November 2, 2021 at the University of Poitiers, it naturally takes place in the various projects of the International Relations Department of the Faculty of Letters and Languages ​​and of the CFLE, to form a coherent whole in harmony with other systems such as the BRAVO project piloted by the Center FLE.

BRAVO project

Bravo project: The Centers of French as a Foreign Language whose mission is to teach French to foreign students are faced with the impossibility of answering the multiple demands and urgent needs of refugee students when they first arrive in Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

These limitations in welcoming students have become more visible during pandemic because, it dramatically slowed down their efforts. There was neither resource/assistance to help with the procedures, nor available online tutorials for these fragile students. The lockdown encouraged the “dropout” of these students and led us to seek solutions that respond to this extraordinary situation and to contribute to the longer-term success of the refugee students in our territory.

The BRAVO project, should benefit all international students in the foreseeable future.

ENVOL project

PROJET ENVOL “Etudiants Nouveaux Venus Objectif Langue” ADCUEFE-Campus FLE : The “Bienvenue France” strategy aims to strengthen the attractiveness of France, with the objective of welcoming 500,000 foreign students by 2027 (there are currently 324,000) and encouraging the students to go abroad more, within the framework of university exchanges or diploma mobility.

The ENVOL project “Newcomers Objective Language” is one of the 152 “Bienvenue en France” projects selected after examination by a committee composed of representatives of the ministry, Campus France, the CNOUS, the CPU, the CDEFI, the CGE and student organizations.

The main stake for ENVOL is to strengthen the chances of success in their university studies in France by providing incoming students with FOU (Français sur Objectifs Universitaires) modules.

The Center FLE has designed three modules with the help of the University of Angers:

  • Study in graduate school
  • Documentary research
  • Write a paragraph

Coordinator: Julie Rançon

Designers: Karine Audinet, Hélène De Chaigneau, Julie Rançon and Virginie Clavreul (University of Angers)

Project ATEP

ATEP PROJECT – Theater Workshop and Photo Exhibition
Allophone public in difficulty, migrant or not
(Sept 2021 – Sept 2022)

The project responds to the overwhelming need for visibility and academic, social, cultural and civic integration of foreign students of the FLE Center through a theatrical workshop, which aims to highlight the personal experiences and reflections of the participants.

A photo exhibition will follow the theater workshop and it will be held at the François Mitterrand Library, at the Student House and then at the Faculty of Letters and Languages ​​of the University of Poitiers.

Funding: DRAC – Center FLE





XCELING : Towards Excellence in Applied Linguistics. Innovative Second Language Education in Egypt

Erasmus KA2 / Capacity Development – Higher Education (2017-2020)

Logo Xceling Definitivo

Coordinated by the University of Salamanca (Spain), X-CELING aims to improve methodologies and resources for teaching modern languages in Egypt.


Strengthen linguistic support for foreign students enrolled at the University of Poitiers to support them in their university studies in France and offer them every path to success.

For the year 2019-2020, the University of Poitiers offered two hours of weekly French classes as a foreign language (FLE) to exchange students (around 300 Erasmus students and other conventions) registered in an undergrad or graduate program over one semester. This offer concerns 14 groups of international students from level B1.

The main objective has been to promote the integration of international students to give them all the keys to success.

e-LENGUA, Erasmus+ project

e-LENGUA : E-Learning Novelties towards the Goal of a Universal Acquisition of Foreign and Second Languages

Erasmus KA2 / Strategic Partnership – Higher Education (2015-2018)

Coordinated by the University of Salamanca (Spain), e-LENGUA aims to mutualize teaching methods and to integrate digital skills in language learning programs in Europe.