Registration closed for the 2022-2023 academic year

Registration for 2023-2024 will open in February 2023.

Who can register at the CFLE?

You can enroll in full-time courses at the CFLE :

  • if you are 18 years old or older,
  • if you have a diploma equivalent to the “Baccalauréat” (end of secondary school, giving you access to university),
  • Whatever your nationality and whatever your level of French language.

If you live abroad, do you need a VISA?

It is the first step of your registration. This procedure may allow you to obtain a visa “D” “validité carte de séjour”, if you are not a European Union citizen. You must be at least 18 years old.

If you live in France

  • If you don’t have a professional activity and if you don’t receive the RSA or unemployment benefits (chômage), go directly to the next section (First step).


  • If you are a migrant or a refugee, please consult the information in the last section of this page.


  • If:
    • You receive the RSA,
    • You are registered at the Pôle emploi,
    • You have a professional activity,
    • You are in another professional situation (Example: sick leave, availability, leave without pay, etc…),

You must contact UP&Pro, the University of Poitiers’ continuous education service:
UP&Pro will assist you in the construction of your project (reception, information, tools), and will inform you about your rights and the financing of your training (preparation of cost estimates, application for financing, interface with Pôle Emploi, etc.).
UP&Pro will follow you throughout your training (attendance, statement of attendance, link with funding agencies …).

The pre-registration

Academic year 2022-2023 (from September 2022 to May 2023)

1. See the calendar 2022-2023 for dates and deadlines.

2. Fill and send to the prelimenary registration form for 2022-2023.

Download the registration form : in English | in Frenchin Spanish.

3. I pay the deposit of 1.000€ :

  • Online payment: avaliable soon
  • by credit card or in cash on site (at office A222),
  • by bank transfer (send a request for the RIB by mail),
  • by French bank check to the order of the “agent comptable de l’Université de Poitiers” to be sent to the CFLE of Poitiers (address at the bottom of the page).

IMPORTANT : We encourage you to pay the deposit online or by credit card in case you need to make a request for reimbursement. This can be processed more quickly.

4. And then? A registration certificate will be sent to you. This certificate may be required by the cultural services of the French Embassy in your country to obtain a long-stay visa.

Final registration

What documents should I take with me ?

To register you will need :

  • a birth certificate translated into French ;
  • 1 identity photo ;
  • a cheque from a French bank, international credit card or cash in Euro, for the registration fees (i.e what is still due)
  • your diplomas (translated either into French or English) needed for entry into the universities in your country.
  • your CVEC certificate, which you can obtain here (only request it after you have obtained your VISA) – consult the guide to pay and download your certificate (p.2).

Can I be refused after the placement test?

No! If your administrative situation is admissible, the test is only used to determine your level of French. It is not an entrance exam.

Please note, however, that we can only open the level groups if we have a sufficient number of students!

When will I be definitively registered?

A registration appointment will be given to you on the day of the oral test. You will then pay the rest of the registration fee. Do not forget to bring the documents mentioned above.

The school office will finalise your registration and give you your student card. You will be officially a student of the University of Poitiers!


Once a deposit has been cashed, no refund can be obtained unless you can produce the original notification of a visa refusal from the French Embassy. This should be done at the latest 2 weeks before the beginning of the course. Do not forget to mention the address of your bank and your account number in your country.

An amount of 100 € will be retained for bank and administration charges.

Remember that your registration can be postponed until the following term.



1. We recommend to pay the deposit directly online in case you need to make a refund request. It can be processed more quickly.

2. Refund requests are reviewed by a committee. There are two committees per year: one in October and one in March.

Registration for a start of course in September: If your request is made before October and your request is complete, you will be refunded at the latest in March.

Registration for a start of course in January: If your request is made before March and your request is complete, you will be refunded at the latest in July.

The refund delays depend on the University’ s accounting service and do not depend on the FLE Center.

Registration of migrants and refugees

If you have a migrant or refugee status, a project of the Poitiers University can potentially finance your studies. If you are interested, please consult this page and send an e-mail to: with your first name, last name, date and place of birth and your study project at the Poitiers University.