If you study at the CFLE and if you are in one or more of the situations listed below, you can be eligible for a study accommodation.

For this, it is necessary to make a request to the UFR Lettres et Langues before September 30th for the 1st semester or before January 30th for the 2nd semester and to join to your request the required documents.

The study accommodation may allow you to benefit from certain specific pedagogical modalities compatible with your situation which will help you, if it is approved, to follow your studies quietly.


Situations covered :

  • You are a student-parent (pregnant students, students in charge of a family);
  • You have a status of athlete of high level;
  • You have a professional activity;
  • You are doing a civic service;
  • You have particular responsibilities in university or student life (elected officials, members of organizations, etc.);
  • You are a volunteer in the office of one or more associations;
  • You are a volunteer firefighter;
  • You are a volunteer in the Armed Forces or you are enrolled in the military operational reserve;
  • Other situation (please specify).


NOTE: If you are in a person with a disability, please consult this dedicated page. The study accommodation contract mentioned here does not concern students in this situation.